About John

Having been blessed with the ability to communicate with those in the spirit world, John has been doing transformation workshops, healing work, teaching meditation classes, and taking people on sacred sites tours for some years. On this wonderful journey of re-membering who we are, while walking the journey of life, John is inspired to be of service to those he comes into contact with. To this end, John gives talks and teaches as well as puts on events and outings and sacred sites tours.

During the late 90’s John was introduced to meditation and soon discovered that he had a gift of being able to obtain information about other people and then, after some years of study and practice, developed the skill to be able to communicate with those who have passed over to the other side. While studying and practicing this ability, John found that very often, even the shortest message from a loved one who had passed on could give much hope and joy to the recipient of the message.Together with this ability to communicate with those on the other side, John learned to communicate with spirit guides and the angelic realm in order to give messages of hope and inspiration to those who come to see him. The testimonies that have been given to John speak of the healing that has taken place for the recipients of the messages.

John has been blessed to work with many different and gifted teachers such as Natalia Baker, Vernon Frost, Doc Lindwall and others and has been particularly blessed to receive teachings from the likes of St G, Joseph and all the others and to have been given the opportunity to study and work in a development circle of note for many years.

John also does public speaking on many different topics, such as “Ancient and Sacred Sites”, “Healing”, “Spirit communication” etc,

Regular events, courses, classes and tours are presented or facilitated by John. Please consider joining his mailing list to get information on these events.