Aitutaki Sunrise

Aitutaki Sunrise – Sept 2009

During a week of meditation on the remote Cook Island of Aitutaki, in the South Pacific, the following observation was made:

Early on the morning of the day before the final big meditation, the resort manager, Rose, and a young photographer lady called Jo, set out to take pictures and video of the sunrise. Now since the island of Aitutaki actually consists of a main island and about 15 smaller islands, and the resort we were staying at is the largest of these small islands and closest of all the islands to the East, they were able to sit on the edge of the island and take pictures through the palm trees and out over the outer reef.

Having got their sunrise pictures, then wanted to hurry to the west side of this smaller island so that they could capture the effect of the rising sun creating a horizontal band of light on the main island as the shadow of the smaller island descended down the slope of the mountains. So having packed their equipment up they started to hurry through the centre of the islands coconut plantation towards the western side, a matter of about a 10 minutes’ walk.

As they came closer to the western side of the island, Rose suddenly stopped and said to Jo, there is something wrong. Jo replied that she also felt something was amiss but could not quite be certain what it was. After a few moments Rose exclaimed “I know, Look, the Sun is in the wrong place. We just took pictures of the sunrise behind us, and now here is the sun before us”

With this, they proceeded to turn around and there between the trees they could see the rising sun, exactly where it should be, then, turning to the west again, there was a sun before them. Somewhat perplexed, but very curious they hurried forward towards this “Sun” Again, almost just as suddenly, Rose stopped Jo, and said, “I do not know how this works, but I think I understand why, let us rather leave and not disturb this scene and ask later what it was that we have seen” Reluctantly Jo agreed to leave and go back to the main reception of the lodge.

When our group finished our morning meditation, Rose and Jo were waiting for us and asked us: “Can you please explain what we saw, because after we took pictures of the sunrise in the east, we were hurrying to the west of the island and we saw another sun in front of us, and then when we looked for what was causing this we found your group of 20 people sitting on the beach on the western side of the island sitting in what appeared to be deep meditation with what appeared to be a column of light rising up from the group and ending in a large round orb as bright as a sun and large enough to appear to us as a sun.” We tried then to explain to these two ladies, who do not practice any form of meditation, that part of our purpose of the weeks meditation and prayer was to create a link to and to anchor the sun and the solar energy for our planet and for all mankind and all life on this planet, and at the same time to create a wave of positive solar energy which could sweep over the planet. part of the purpose of this was anchoring the solar energy, but also the intention was to remind the planet and the water of the planet of its purpose and there the purpose of all life on this planet, and, at the same time, to minimise the effects of global climate change and the effects of sudden changes such as earthquakes and the resulting tsunami’s or earth slides or mudslides. Both ladies felt great surges of energy flowing through them as this explanation was given and exclaimed that they were immensely grateful that a) this work was being done for the planet, and b) that we had chosen to come and do this special week of meditation and prayer on this island of Aitutaki, their home.

As it turned out, a few days after our final meditation, a rather strong earthquake hit just of the island of Samoa and a tsunami did go racing through the South Pacific but with fairly minimal effect in comparison to the rather dramatic earthquake and tsunami of Dec 2004. The group of people on the island belong to a organisation called S.H.I.F.T. and travel to many places in the world to do these special meditation and prayer gatherings. The next events will take place in Venezuela during May 2009, then the Grand Canyon Oct 2009 on the 10.10.10 date, followed by a very special event in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal in the third quarter of 2011. more details can be found at

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