Aitutaki Sunrise

Aitutaki Sunrise – Sept 2009

During a week of meditation on the remote Cook Island of Aitutaki, in the South Pacific, the following observation was made:

Early on the morning of the day before the final big meditation, the resort manager, Rose, and a young photographer lady called Jo, set out to take pictures and video of the sunrise. Now since the island of Aitutaki actually consists of a main island and about 15 smaller islands, and the resort we were staying at is the largest of these small islands and closest of all the islands to the East, they were able to sit on the edge of the island and take pictures through the palm trees and out over the outer reef.

Having got their sunrise pictures, then wanted to hurry to the west side of this smaller island so that they could capture the effect of the rising sun creating a horizontal band of light on the main island as the shadow of the smaller island descended down the slope of the mountains. So having packed their equipment up they started to hurry through the centre of the islands coconut plantation towards the western side, a matter of about a 10 minutes’ walk.

As they came closer to the western side of the island, Rose suddenly stopped and said to Jo, there is something wrong. Jo replied that she also felt something was amiss but could not quite be certain what it was. After a few moments Rose exclaimed “I know, Look, the Sun is in the wrong place. We just took pictures of the sunrise behind us, and now here is the sun before us”

With this, they proceeded to turn around and there between the trees they could see the rising sun, exactly where it should be, then, turning to the west again, there was a sun before them. Somewhat perplexed, but very curious they hurried forward towards this “Sun” Again, almost just as suddenly, Rose stopped Jo, and said, “I do not know how this works, but I think I understand why, let us rather leave and not disturb this scene and ask later what it was that we have seen” Reluctantly Jo agreed to leave and go back to the main reception of the lodge.

When our group finished our morning meditation, Rose and Jo were waiting for us and asked us: “Can you please explain what we saw, because after we took pictures of the sunrise in the east, we were hurrying to the west of the island and we saw another sun in front of us, and then when we looked for what was causing this we found your group of 20 people sitting on the beach on the western side of the island sitting in what appeared to be deep meditation with what appeared to be a column of light rising up from the group and ending in a large round orb as bright as a sun and large enough to appear to us as a sun.” We tried then to explain to these two ladies, who do not practice any form of meditation, that part of our purpose of the weeks meditation and prayer was to create a link to and to anchor the sun and the solar energy for our planet and for all mankind and all life on this planet, and at the same time to create a wave of positive solar energy which could sweep over the planet. part of the purpose of this was anchoring the solar energy, but also the intention was to remind the planet and the water of the planet of its purpose and there the purpose of all life on this planet, and, at the same time, to minimise the effects of global climate change and the effects of sudden changes such as earthquakes and the resulting tsunami’s or earth slides or mudslides. Both ladies felt great surges of energy flowing through them as this explanation was given and exclaimed that they were immensely grateful that a) this work was being done for the planet, and b) that we had chosen to come and do this special week of meditation and prayer on this island of Aitutaki, their home.

As it turned out, a few days after our final meditation, a rather strong earthquake hit just of the island of Samoa and a tsunami did go racing through the South Pacific but with fairly minimal effect in comparison to the rather dramatic earthquake and tsunami of Dec 2004. The group of people on the island belong to a organisation called S.H.I.F.T. and travel to many places in the world to do these special meditation and prayer gatherings. The next events will take place in Venezuela during May 2009, then the Grand Canyon Oct 2009 on the 10.10.10 date, followed by a very special event in the foothills of the Himalayas in Nepal in the third quarter of 2011. more details can be found at

Lion Dream

Lion Dream – January 2010
During a visit to the Pilansberg National Park, we stayed at the Bakgatla Resort just outside the North Gate.
The resort is outside the park – separated only by a fence.
While there I had this dream
I was walking a short way from the chalet – inside the resort, when I saw a male lion standing off to one side. I asked the Lion if he was a bit lost, and he replied that he was indeed a bit lost.
Now this was a bit strange – so I asked him how it was that he became lost. He told me he was following a rabbit – not that he wanted to eat the rabbit – he was just curious.
So I told him that if he waited for me to get my hat and sandals I would take him back to the park where he belonged. He was real happy with this so I went inside. When I returned a minute later, he was right there waiting at the door. We turned and started to walk away from the chalet towards the resort gate. While walking I know for sure that I must protect him from people who may be afraid and in their fear may want to hurt or kill him. As we walk, I am holding him around the neck, touching his mane, and we are having a really nice conversation.
As I thought, all along the way I have to tell the people not to worry and that there is no cause for fear, he is simply lost and we are walking back to the park. After exiting the resort gate we turn for the park entrance and walk towards the park gate. There then erupts a huge commotion as the lion is seen and the men come running out with guns. Again I have to tell them to put their guns away as there is nothing to fear. Reluctantly the people comply with this request and they stand behind the door or windows waiting to see how this will end.
Once we are through the gate the Lions says to me – hey, I know where I am now, thanks so much for helping me and trots off happily.

The dream was strange in as much as I remember so much of it, and in such great detail – but then I go on to dream this dream for three straight nights.

About a week after I dream this dream the first time – we happen to be visiting Baba Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia, and I get an opportunity to ask Baba if I can tell him the dream. He listens carefully and then tells me that in the Zulu culture – it is said that if a person is able to touch the mane of a living creature such as a lion or leopard, then that person either already has, or soon will master some great thing or journey that they have been working on.

Initiation – an excerpt from the book

Excerpt from “Initiation”

 ‘In the material world there are four levels of manifestation which we call matter, vegetable life, animal life, and human life, depending on the outward appearance of the degree of consciousness attained. Compared with the human being, we can hardly speak at all of the “consciousness” of matter, and yet a crystal may serve to show that matter too has a sort of consciousness. Each level of manifestation of life is characterized by its own degree of consciousness which is one octave removed from the next. Only man has the power to manifest several degrees of consciousness, all the way up to the divine level. If we keep in mind the intervals – octaves – by which we classify levels of evolution, we find that man, as a category, occupies four steps of the great ladder of evolution reaching from earth up to heaven; furthermore we see that each step corresponds to one octave on the scale of vibrations. Man knows about these four steps or degrees and has given them names: man characterized by his intellect; genius, characterized by intuition; prophet, characterized by his wisdom and universal love; and the last and highest degree, that of the God man, characterized by his omniscience and omnipotence.

 ‘Thus, in the material world, we find four manifestations which together reveal seven octaves of vibration.

 ‘Every creature emits the vibrations of which it is made, that is, those which it consciously supports. Matter, the very lowest degree of consciousness, manifests itself only through contraction, cooling off, and hardening.

 ‘The plant manifests itself on two levels; the material and the level of force – vegetative force – that gives life to it. The plant manifests material vibrations unconsciously; it carries its body like a dress, but its level of consciousness is the vegetative level of force giving life to matter. Force manifested on this level has three distinctive aspects by which it can be recognized wherever it appears: the search for food, the taking in of food, and the assimilation or digestion of food.

 ‘The animal manifests three forces, the material, the vegetative and animal. It has a body, it seeks out its food, eats and digests and is conscious on the animal level: it has emotions, instincts, urges, feelings, sympathy antipathy and desires. The animal is conscious in the third developmental stage, only one degree lower than man.

 ‘The average man stands one octave of vibrations higher: he is conscious on the mental level. He has intellect and the ability to think. But at the same time he manifests the three other levels. On the material, he has a body; on the vegetative, he seeks out his food, eats it and digests it; on the animal, he has emotions, drives, sympathy, antipathy and desires. But is most outstanding characteristic is his intellect. Man thinks consciously.

 With the next degree of development, man makes a great jump; he lifts his consciousness out of the world of effects into the plane of causes. He draws on the divine source of the causal plan and manifests this force that appears in his consciousness as intuition. With the help of his intellect and spiritual power, he is able to express his experiences on a higher plane in words and transmit them to his fellow men. He can also prove the existence of his intuition in other arts: without dimensions, in music, as a composer; in two dimensions with lines and colours, as a painter; in three dimensional forms as a sculptor or as a dancer. People call the creative person a genius. He manifests the five octaves of vibration of the material, vegetative animal, mental and causal forces.

 ‘The degree of consciousness of the next higher octave of vibrations, in the language of human beings, is called that of a prophet. The prophet manifests all the forces that work on the previously mentioned planes of consciousness, but he is also conscious on the next higher level too, the plane of divine wisdom and universal love. We must be careful never to confuse this universal love, which is manifested on the sixth plane and is a completely spiritual power, with the “love” of the third, animal plane which is the manifestation of animal instincts. This latter “love” is a vibration operating three levels lower at the source of which is the urge to propagate the species. Such “love” is desire for possession and always only seeks the body. It forces a person to come close to the loved one, and embrace, kiss, and hug him or her – in a word – to possess.

 ‘Whoever is subject to this kind of love is still living in his consciousness in the condition of dividedness and separation and seeks a complementary physical partner in order to find satisfaction. This love always seeks to take, to have something, to possess. Love in the sixth plane of manifestation, the love of the prophet, does not come from a condition of division, but from the primordial condition of divine unity! Hence, this love is universal, always giving, never taking, needs to supplement, no physical manifestation, but always radiates from the consciousness of divine all-unity. People who are conscious on this plane to not want to possess anybody; they feel themselves one with the infinite all.

 ‘The seventh and most perfect manifestation of God is the completely conscious man the God-man. All other forms of revelation manifest only transformed vibrations, only part of God. A God-man is a person who manifests God – his own divine self – completely and perfectly through a perfect consciousness; one who experiences and radiates the divine creative forces in their primordial untransformed vibrations and frequencies. He is supremely conscious; no part of him is unconscious.

‘Only man has the ability to master and to radiate all seven octaves of vibration, as the nervous centres corresponding to the seven octaves of transformed and untransformed creative power exist in his nervous system. On the other hand, he is only able to radiate vibrations on the levels on which he has become conscious, because until he becomes conscious on a given level, the corresponding nerve centres remain in a latent condition. Thus the average human being will radiate vibrations up to the fourth plane, the genius up to the fifth, the prophet up to the sixth, and only the God-man is able consciously to radiate all seven octaves and to radiate the divine creative power, according to his own will, in its untransformed form or to transform it, to change it, and transmit it in lower (transformed) frequencies.

Comments by John – it is reasonably easy to look back and see where you fit in on any of these levels of initiation, but really hard to see where you are at a given point in time. It is also easy to see the lessons after you have learned the lessons, but not while you are in the process of learning the lesson. Furthermore, the higher up the levels a person goes – the lessons seem to be more subtle and therefore more difficult to grasp until a moment of clarity hits you in the face. Sadly our lessons are often learned at the expense of another who is left confused at best, or deeply wounded by the events or the conversations that have taken place. When this happens, and we become aware of the effect our own lessons have on other people – we need to do our best to repair this damage in the best way we can and try to achieve healing of both the event(s) and the relationships that have been effected. again, sadly, this is not always possible if the other party is not willing to participate in this healing process. When this happens the best we can do is to do an inner process of seeking healing within ourselves and to ask for clearing of the effects of the events at soul level.

Lastly – for those who have begun to experience the open heart of Universal Love – the task is yours of finding new ways to relate to people that you interact with so that your thoughts, words and actions are not misunderstood. When I look at friends who are manifesting Universal Love and the confusion this reflects in the eyes of some of the people who interact with them – then I think that this must be one of the hardest levels to achieve clarity on. In the understanding from the extract above – one can not DO love at that level – one can only BE love. And when we can BE love – it allows others to see a state of BEING that they can aspire to.


Cook Islands 2009

Aitutaki – Cook Islands 2009, an opportunity to join International Group SHIFT to participate in a meditation for Global Climate Change and world peace in this stunning location. How could I resist.

The journey is a hard one.

Time and money are a problem, as well as the loads of flying, and then on top of that, most likely very difficult to connect to the internet unless at great cost. But I am not daunted.

I left Cape Town on Thursday 18th Sept, arriving in Auckland at midnight the next night. Wow, tired is no longer just a word. I met some nice people while flying though. Great conversations. Auckland was colder than Cape Town, but not bad. I was met at the airport by a cousin I had not seen in over 40 years. Was great to begin catching up.

Early morning Saturday we head off to the Otara market to see if we can find a Maori lady I met there in Feb 2006. Long shot I know, but I have “sent her the message to meet me there” during a meditation. We arrive, and find her within minutes, and she tells us she has not been to the market for months and did not want to go that day but felt herself compelled to go. Both of us are glad she got the message.

After that we head up to the Northlands where Gandharvo stays. What pretty country, and what nice people. I meet some of her friends and we have two great days of conversation and sightseeing. I hope it is not so long before I see Gandharvo again.

The trip back to Auckland is pretty, and the bus driver nice. Then a great nights sleep and I am back at the airport ready to fly to Rarotonga. I leave Auckland on Monday 21st and will arrive in Rarotonga on Sunday 20th. A bit of a mind shift needed. Funny since we are on the way to a SHIFT event to SHIFT our MINDS.

The flight is delayed, so I do the only logical thing. I eat sushi at 8AM at the airport while typing this Blog.

More to follow, watch this space.


Having been an avid user and lover of technology and gadgets for most of my life, and, dare I admit this, not very tolerant of the technologically challenged in our society, I find myself in somewhat of a conundrum.

It seems that every new “thing” that comes out, instead of making our lives easier, makes it more difficult and seriously more complicated.

Now perhaps this is because I have always been able to rip the guts out of anything with mechanical or electronic innards with relative impunity and put it back together better, faster, more reliable etc.

Now, sadly, I seem to be stuck with “things” that challenge me and drive me towards dreaming of walking in the desert with no signals, power cords, wireless devices, 3G transmissions that can make me want to …..

Let me give you a for instance.

I have a laptop. It works. Works well actually. I buy a 500gig external notebook hard drive to use as a backup. Works lekker (“great” for the non South Africans). I make my backups. My world is rosy. Except. I put the external drive away, spend some days doing non work stuff, and then, suddenly. Microsoft Word, Outlook, and certain other pieces of software start to give me error messages. I do the normal thing. Microsoft sucks. Reinstall it. It does not help. I tear my hair out for a week.

After eventually getting down to reading the forums (the equivalent to reading the instruction manual – you know like the preacher says every Sunday – when in doubt read the instruction manual), and lo and behold, I find other poor lost puppies like me with the self same problem, but one of them and put 2 and 2 together and made 6. He plugged his external drive in and voila, everything worked again. Except?? it only works if the drive is installed.

So now I ask you. Does this sound like an efficient use of a weeks worth of my life, to sort out an idiotic problem caused by a failure to communicate between the makers of various bits of technology that is designed to make life easier, but actually seems to want to keep us enslaved to some guy at Dial a Nerd (yes people they DO exist ) who in turn will look upon us as a lesser mortal (did I do that to other people) while clicking his way to sucess in mere minutes.

I think it is time that I take these magical hands of mine and get them to do the other things that they so love to do, and do so well. To stroke, caress, and bring to life the object of their attention and in doing so to inspire passion and desire of the observer. Yes, it really is time. To once again take a raw lifeless object and make lovingly turn it into an object of beauty which can grace someones home. I saw many pieces of driftwood while walking the Otter Trail and must admit that I long for that intimate connection one can have with a piece of wood while creating magic . the smell, the feel, and the look of the wood as it is transformed is simply divine. I guess it is similar to an artist with a blank canvas, or a composer with a blank music sheet.

Oh well, to sleep, perchance to dream, and then a trip to find some wood.

EarthChild Project

I was honoured to spend a few days helping out at a school in Khayalitsha in Cape Town this past week. The project was to teach and entertain some of the children during the school holidays.

I decided to take my drum and do a little bit of drumming in between doing some storytelling.

I had a great time telling some of my favourite stories to the children. Of course I had to modify some of the stories  for the young ones as the bulk of my stories are for adults.

This EarthChild project is certainly one which I shall consider supporting again, and I was stoked to be able to spend time with a really amazing group of children.

Lion vibes

IMG_8516So I have this thing about big cats. More than a thing actually. It is like our paths are linked somehow. So when I get the chance, off I go to spend some time seeing and learning from them.


IMG_8566Often this is a trip to the Lion Rescue Park in Drakenstein near Paarl. The folk there, led by Lion Man Paul Hart, do a sterling job of looking after rescued lions. These lions come from circus or zoo rescue, or even from lions that were kept as personal pets. For those wanting to experience spending a night surrounded by these lions as they ROAR their territorial decree, they have a tented camp which is wonderful. For a nominal fee, I will join you there for a day and a night of storytelling and teachings which will leave you inspired.

IMG_5500800 img5530640 IMG_5514800

Next up on my list is a visit to the White Lions of Timbavati. These lions are really very special and the folk at led by Linda Tucker, Jason and the team, are creating a piece of history by protecting and conserving this important link in lion history. We have travelled to the Heartland and spend time with these lions and it is a magical experience. We can arrange for groups of 6 to 12 people to go and visit the White Lions, please check in with us for details.

IMG_6197-2 IMG_6093-2 IMG_6183

Of course seeing lions in the wild in national parks is always a bonus, and some of my favourite experiences with lions have been in places like Kgalagadi, Etosha, Kruger, Masai Mara etc. Again, I am able to take small groups to any of these destinations to go and unwind in the bush, learn about the bush and about ourselves and experience the timelessness of being with nature. IMG_6189 On a recent trip to the Masai Mara we spent two days observing a lion pair mating (they can do this every 15 minutes for up to three days). During  this time they did not eat or drink, and the only other activity was for the dominant male to chase his brother away.


And of course while lion watching, there is always the chance of seeing one of the other big cats, such as these below.

IMG_6143-2 IMG_6151-2

A Spiritual Conspiracy

On the surface of the world right now there is

war and violence and things seem dark.
But calmly and quietly, at the same time,

something else is happening underground
An inner revolution is taking place

and certain individuals are being called to a higher light.
It is a silent revolution.
From the inside out. From the ground up.
This is a Global operation.
A Spiritual Conspiracy.
There are sleeper cells in every nation on the planet.
You wont see us on the T.V.
You wont read about us in the newspaper
You wont hear about us on the radio
We dont seek any glory
We dont wear any uniform
We come in all shapes and sizes, colors and styles
Most of us work anonymously
We are quietly working behind the scenes

in every country and culture of the world
Cities big and small, mountains and valleys,

in farms and villages, tribes and remote islands
You could pass by one of us on the street

and not even notice
We go undercover
We remain behind the scenes
It is of no concern to us who takes the final credit
But simply that the work gets done
Occasionally we spot each other in the street
We give a quiet nod and continue on our way
During the day many of us pretend we have normal jobs
But behind the false storefront at night

is where the real work takes a place
Some call us the Conscious Army
We are slowly creating a new world

with the power of our minds and hearts
We follow, with passion and joy
Our orders come from from the Central Spiritual Intelligence
We are dropping soft, secret love bombs when no one is looking

Poems ~ Hugs ~ Music ~ Photography ~ Movies ~ Kind words ~
Smiles ~ Meditation and prayer ~ Dance ~ Social activism ~ Websites
Blogs ~ Random acts of kindness…

We each express ourselves in our own unique ways

with our own unique gifts and talents
Be the change you want to see in the world
That is the motto that fills our hearts
We know it is the only way real transformation takes place
We know that quietly and humbly we have the

power of all the oceans combined
Our work is slow and meticulous
Like the formation of mountains
It is not even visible at first glance
And yet with it entire tectonic plates

shall be moved in the centuries to come
Love is the new religion of the 21st century
You dont have to be a highly educated person
Or have any exceptional knowledge to understand it
It comes from the intelligence of the heart
Embedded in the timeless evolutionary pulse of all human beings
Be the change you want to see in the world
Nobody else can do it for you
We are now recruiting
Perhaps you will join us
Or already have.
All are welcome
The door is open

~ author unknown

Sermon on the Mount

I love this time of year, a time when you get a chance to slow down, just a little, but enough to read the odd page, speak to some friends, and chill a bit.

While I was reading and contemplating over the last few days, one of the things I read came and sat in my mind for a bit and, well, I chewed the cud a bit on this one.

I was reading  a teaching on the “Sermon on the mount” written in 1934 by a fellow named Emmet Fox, and I really like some of the things he spoke about. It kinda made a lot more sense than I had been able to make out of some of those old texts (the 2000 year old ones) with his interpretation of what some of the words would have meant back then, compared to the more modern interpretation of some of the words today.

Let me give you an example. “The meek shall inherit the earth”.

Now this has never made sense to me so I have mostly ignored it, that is, until I read this guys take. Firstly, he looks at the words attributed to Jeshua ben Joseph (Jesus), and says, “Now either Jeshua meant what he said, or he did not; and either he knew what he was talking about, or he did not”. And so, we first have to face up to the question – did Jeshua mean what he said, or did he not. Because if he did not, how do we take anything he said seriously.

So if he meant what he said – then what did he mean? Well, Fox asks us to look at the message from the spiritual perspective and not from a religious perspective. So how do we do that? By looking at the key words. In this case “The MEEK shall inherit the EARTH”

The word EARTH used here, in this context, is actually a word which means Manifestation. Manifestation or expression is the result of a cause. e.g. Thought, word, deed. Now we are shown in Metaphysics that all causation is mental, and that your body and all of your affairs – your home, your business, all your experience – are but the manifestation of your own mental states. The fact that we are not conscious of many of our mental states does not remove that from our creation. So therefore our “earth” means the whole of our outer experience, and to “inherit the earth” means to have dominion over that outer experience; in other words to have the Power to Create our own reality or outer experience. Pretty cool huh.

So what about the word MEEK. A modern look at this word is not very encouraging, as it implies a person devoid of courage, self respect and of no use to anyone least of all him or her self, and possibly mean spirited and hypocritical as well. WOW. So what did the brother mean then when He used the word MEEK.

Well the interpretation given is that of which no one word can give true meaning to and therefore needs to be explained. To be meek, means to have a mental attitude of open-mindedness, faith in God, and the full realisation that the Will of God for us is always something joyous, interesting and vital, and much better than anything that we could think of for ourselves. This state of mind also includes a perfect willingness to allow this Will of God to come about in whatever way Divine Wisdom considers best for us, rather than in the way we would have chosen. mmm. In more modern speak, when we are in complete surrender to the Will of God for us, then we have achieved a state of meekness.

So when we look again at what was said, “The meek shall inherit the earth” we can read this as “those who have surrendered their life to God’s Will shall inherit the power to co-create their own outer reality” Now that is pretty cool don’t you think?

Except for two problems.

How do we get about this simple task of surrendering to God’s Will?

What exactly are we going to create once we have achieved dominion of our own reality?

Me, I am going to focus on the first part of the problem – because I am already trying to co-create my own reality through conscious choice in such a way that I do not create new karmic issues that I have to deal with later. So I think if I can crack this MEEK level, then the next level should be a cinch

Kundalini Energy

Is it just me, or is Everybody studying, teaching or practicing some form of Kundalini energy activation in some form or another. From Kundalini Meditation, to Kundalini Yoga to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for getting the energy to move, and the spiritual growth that can result from that, it is just that I am intrigued by the seemingly sudden surge in interest.

It seems that, unless you are blessed with a good teacher who is close by, it is not so easy to study the meditation or the yoga way of getting this energy to move. So guess what? As long as you have the inclination, and possibly a partner to work with, the easiest of the three to start working with is Sacred Sexuality.

So where do you start, what do you need, is there a right and a wrong way of doing this, is there a guideline or guide book that is easy to understand that will help me? Where do I go if I have questions. Will I be judged, or checked skeef if I suddenly start speaking about sacred sexuality, or about multiple expanded orgasm, or about whole body orgasm. Will my friends think I have suddenly become a perve, or that I am obsessing on sex.

All of these are wonderful questions and ones that I have been hearing often in the last while, so I have decided to write a few articles over the next while and try to bring some of these answers to you, my readers.

Feminine Divine Dec 2008

After being inspired to lead a workshop for women, I was blessed to be able to present this over a weekend at the Blue Hippo farm near Greyton this December.

With a group of women where age ranged from age 26 to age 68, we started a discussion of what our fears are, what the things are that we would not normally discuss (with anyone) and how some of these items are holding us back and limiting our future choices.

What a blessing to work with a diverse group of women who, from the first moment, gave permission to discuss and to process some of their most intimate secrets, thoughts and beliefs. We found ourselves sitting in a farm dam on a hot summers afternoon, discussing topics ranging from fears, to affairs, to abortion, promiscuity, sacred sexuality, the different types of orgasm, tantra, kundalini, the historic power imbalance between men and women, the right we each have to make our own choices, and the responsibility to cope with any and every reaction or effect or consequence of our choices. In the words of a respected elder, the discussion was like “massaging consciousness”

I felt so humble and privaleged to be able to work with this group as we all learned so much. My next attempt will be to take this work into a mixed group to see how the dynamics will change and to see if we can truly create our future based on a new ability to listen, to speak, and to trust and accept each other.

If this is what the new feminine age will look like, then I am ready to be part of it.

A comment from one of the elders who participated and assisted with this sacred feminine workshop. “Guided by John’s gentle strength , intuition and inspiration,   The Feminine Divine was a safe container for a deeply nourishing experience that expanded our growing edge . The trust factor was given and received in such a natural and easy way and equally experienced as affirming, I wouldn’t be surprised if that is part of  true function of the divine  in balanced action. I thoroughly enjoyed being with you and the group. John it was a deep pleasure to be with you.”

Psychic reading

When I first started doing psychic readings, I found that it was very hard to speak about what it was that I was doing. The reasons for this are many, but among those reasons were

  • the fact that I am a sceptic of note
  • that I wanted high levels of evidence to support what comes through
  • that I respect the privacy of those for whom I do the readings
  • I regard the work that I do as sacred and therefore not to be boasted about.

However, I recently gave a reading on the telephone which gave me goosebumps. Not only that, but the lady for whom I gave the reading sent me a three page letter giving thanks for the information that had come through as well as confirming (evidence) the information. After we spoke again, (by email) I asked her if she would mind if I published an extract from her letter on my web site as a testimonial – which she gladly agreed to.

I then sat with this and thought about what this would mean.

I know what it means to me, but what would it mean to others. After discussing this with some other folk for whom I have done readings the concensus was that they felt it would be of benefit for people to see some of the testimonials of others. The main reason for that is so that people can be more at ease with the concepts of having a reading with “messages from the other side”, and, by being more comfortable, and possibly more open, the chances are that the reading will be of more value.

When I looked back at the first readings I had for myself, I was so nervous and unsure that most of the time was allocated to setting my nerves and doubts to rest. Valuable time that could have been used for more detailed messages from the other side.

So I will be adding to the testimonial section of my web site as people give me permission to do so. I have also decided that I can do more of this work, both face to face as well as by telephone. Furthermore, I have decided to do more public talks and have already added some new events to my calendar.

Enjoy the last few days of July – before we ask August to give notice to winter and begin the journey towards spring.


There are pictures from the trip to Tenerife as a slideshow from the sidebar menu on the right.

This picture is a “desert rose” larger than a car.

Tara – April 2008

The Hill of Tara – County Meath, Ireland

You know how it is, you want to go to a place, and it takes forever to get there, and then, WOW …
So I have been wanting to go to Ireland since I was a pikkie, and if I had to choose only one place in Ireland, then the hill of Tara has to be the place that I want to go to. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot to do in Ireland, but this is one place I want to see.
So having been in the city of Dublin for a few days, doing all the right stuff, going to all the sacred places, specially the Guinness Storehouse, finally we are off to Tara. As hills go, this one is not so impressive, I mean really it is no more than a blip on the radar, BUT, in Irish terms, it is high enough above the wet stuff to allow one to see more than 30% of all Ireland on a clear day.
Because of this height, it was an important hill for communication purposes. Whenever a message had to be sent out to the people, or to commemorate any significant event such as beltane or samhain, a fire would be lit on the hill of Tara. Typically this fire would be lit by the king or a senior druid. Once the fire was lit on Tara, the fires would be lit on the surrounding hills and then the message would spread from there.
There is a story that when Patrick (St Patrick today) wanted to see the king, he was not granted an audience. So what did old Paddy do? Well he went to the hill of Slane on the eve of Beltaine and lit the fire there before the King could light the fire on Tara. Needless to say he had his audience with the King soon enough.
Now as for the hill itself, it has numerous features, such as four springs which feed different energies onto the hill, a mound on top called the Mound of Hostages, and a standing stone called the Stone of Destiny. Now about this stone. It is about 1.3M height, planted vertically on the top of the hill and looks somewhat like a man’s … now what do they call that again … oh yes, finger.
It is said that every man who would be king of Ireland had to come to Tara and touch the Stone of Destiny. The Irish are not so fond of detailed memory (or created memory) of their ancient or sacred sites, so there is not much to go on, but it has been said that not every man who set out to touch the Stone of Destiny actually got there. Of course it is not mentioned if they fell off the horse and broke their heads, or if they accidentally fell on someone’s blade, or if they sadly ate some bad mushrooms (prepared no doubt by a druid they had wronged) but the stories say that there were many who did not make it.
So what did we do on Tara you ask. Well, it was one of those wonderful Irish days, when it only rained if you were out of the car, so we did not plan to spend much time there. That said, we started out from the church (closed for renovation), walked through the graveyard, and out onto the hill trying our level best to avoid the gifts of love left by the many sheep. Having circled out beyond the most recent excavations, past the Mound of Hostages (more later) we got to the top of the hill and of course I did the required thing of touching the Stone of Destiny. Strange thing to stand there holding this stone which has been touched by so many over such a long period of time. There was an immediate sense of having been there before, doing the same thing. Well we spent a bit of time there just feeling the energy, then we sat down and I read a book to Desray giving some of the history of the hill, before heading off to see the Mound of Hostages. This mound gets its name from the fact that the king would take senior hostages from all of the surrounding kingdoms and keep them in this mound. So long as he had a hostage from each kingdom those kings would not attack his kingdom. Only thing is there was not a lot of space, so each of the 9 hostages would spend most of the time lying down. And this in a country so wet, that the Irish have been known to say that they would give up 19 out of their 20 shades of green just to have some sunshine.
After leaving the crest of the hill, we are walking down towards one of the springs when we meet a photographer and have a conversation which lasts a few hours. From her we learn much of the hill and the surrounding area, and specially the history of St Patrick. We get information from her about the entire Boyne rive valley area, Monasterboice, Mellifont Abbey and Slane. She tells us she is researching the life of St Patrick and is doing a book of photographs with anecdotes and history of the life of this man.
Perhaps one day we will get to see this book. For the moment though, we are blessed with a wonderful companion who can give us loads of information and we share time walking on the hill, and then going for an early supper.
We have learnt much, experienced much and had a wonderful day on the hill.
Would I go back, yes indeed.
Will I go back?
Well now that is a problem, so many places, so little time.

Lazy Lad

So after a really long time (ouch), I have finally decided to get back to the blog.
So what have I been doing? Well apart from being really sick for the better part of a year, we have been quite busy what with work and travel and teaching etc, so here is a brief list.
Since the trip to Kenya last June we have been to England, Ireland and Tenerife (Canary Islands). We also went to the Tankwa Karoo for 2 days (got stuck in the sand), went to Windhoek for a few days (to attend the Desert Soul Festival, and went to Johannesburg for a SHIFT walk.
We have had visits from various people including Mother Moon in November (she will be back in October 2008) and some family members.
I am going to randomly select items from the last year and write a brief summary with a picture or two, just so you all can get the gist of each event.
Let’s see if I can do an item a day… mmm

Quote of the month

The quote of the month is by Jay Leno: “With hurricanes, tornados, fires out of control, mud slides, flooding, severe thunderstorms tearing up the country from one end to another, and with the threat of bird flu and terrorist attacks, “Are we sure this is a good time to take God out of the Pledge of Allegiance?”

Kenya Great Rift Valley 2007 Day 1

Great Rift Valley – S.H.I.F.T. event
June 10th 2007
Since I can remember I have been fascinated by the stories of the Great Rift Valley of central East Africa, but, for a number of reasons, I have never been. Then I read my friend Amyn’s book, The Alacanzera Rise Again, and when I find mention of the Rift Valley – I just know, I have to go there. A few weeks later Amyn and I are chatting (he and is wife Karima are visiting from Spain) and he tells me they are going to the Rift Valley in June. I tell them to keep me a place.

After many obstacles too numerous and strange to mention, tickets are bought, plans are made, side trips are booked, yellow fever and other inoculations are completed and I find myself saying goodbye to Desray (my wife) who can not join me on this trip and starting on my journey. I spend a night in Johannesburg as the flight for Nairobi leaves quite early in the morning. The morning dawns wet and wild but I am not concerned – because I feel that I am getting ready for a trip which will be magic.

I can not see much as we fly because of cloud cover, but as we descend we start to see some of the countryside, and then we are down. After some brief chaos of getting luggage and clearing customs I walk through to be faced with at least 300 people with signs waiting for passengers. My eyes lose focus and I have to steady myself and take a moment next to a pillar. After a short while I start to see the order through the chaos and I find the sign with my name. The young man introduces himself as Moses. He will be my driver and guide for the next week. He has a nice open face with a warm smile and friendly manner. I also meet Shiraz whom I have dealt with for all the bookings and arrangements. We speak for a short while and then I get into my chariot for the next week, a minibus which has been set up for Safari trips, with plush seats and a roof that can be raised so you can stand while watching game in the parks.

We head off for the apartments where I will spend the next two nights. I am incredibly grateful that I do not have to drive on these roads as Nairobi city is really busy and their style of driving is somewhat different to our cities. Strangely enough there seem to be very few accidents and the traffic weaves and blends with some kind of bizarre magic. Diesel fumes rule the roads – a smell that I will get used to as the week progresses.

Once settled at the apartment, I ask Moses to take me to a local market and to show me some of the city. The first place we go to is crazy busy. We drive through but do not stop as there is no place to park. A bit further along we stop and we walk along a row of most interesting shops on the side of the road, ranging from food, to hairdressers, to furniture to welding and engineering shops as well as motor parts places and everything else you can imagine. We go inside one shop that I am interested in and meet the owner, Peter. We have a brief chat and I am amazed at the strength of his faith in God and his humility and compassion for his fellow mankind.

We go to another market place and meet wonderful people with names such as, Mary, Joseph, David, Paul, Aaron etc, and they show me there merchandise. Because this is my first day in Kenya I am not sure what I am looking at and so decide to take notes and tell them I shall return a week later. I promise Mary that I will come back to her shop first. When speaking to David, I suggest a new design which he can paint onto his soapstone carvings. He makes a careful drawing. We leave this place as the sun sets and head off to supper – my first meal in Kenya. Moses takes me to a place which serves a mix of Indian, Chinese and African food. We decide to have a mixed spread. A wonderful supper.

Kenya Great Rift Valley 2007 Day 2

Having planned to spend the day in and around Nairobi – I was woken with a phone call to ask if I wanted to drive up to Lake Elmentaitia – no Question – yes please. The drive starts in an uneventful way and there is much chatting until we reach a police check point. There is a sudden realization that most of us are not wearing our seatbelts and then, horror of horrors, our driver does not have his licence with him. There is much of a to do and talk about arrests etc until Mickey, one of the local people, realizes that this is simply one of those occasions when a few shillings causes much forgetfulness, and we are soon on our way.

Not really knowing the route we will drive, nor the topography of the land, I am astounded by the sudden drop off of the land on my left as we reach the edge of the Great Rift Valley. With a sudden drop of about 500 Meters down into the valley, the view across to the other side is spectacular. The land is green. Greener than anything I can remember, in a kaleidoscope of variations of green, a veritable Eden, with an abundance of water and simply teeming with life. On a clear day you can see the mountains on the other side perhaps 40 or 50 KM’s away, with many hills and mini mountains and conical volcanic pyramids in between. I am simply blown away. This is truly part of Africa, the continent of my birth. Perhaps the place on this continent which gave birth to many aspects of life as we know it. I am filled with a sense of awe and gratitude that I have the opportunity to see this.

Arriving at the area of the spring, we are met by a gathering of maybe 60 people, many of whom are involved in the work of preparing pathways, toilets, changing rooms, bathing pools and showers for the event scheduled for three days hence. We are made to feel most welcome. It feels good to walk here. Today is all about doing a site inspection to ensure that everything is ready for Sunday, but, when I see the spring, I am inspired to walk into the water. Water which is delightfully warm, 35 degrees, and crystal clear. I feel at home. A great peace descends over me as I stand waist deep in this water and I feel a complete oneness with God and all of life. I do not know it at the time, but this spring, right at its source where I am standing, is also the drinking water for the whole village and that is why they have created pools further down the hill and piped water from the spring to these pools. For some reason a complete silence descends over the entire group as they watch me standing in the water. I am oblivious to this because I have my eyes closed. Many minutes go by before I open my eyes and walk out of the water. As I realise that there was silence the noise of 60 people talking again fills the space as they go about their business. The rest of this day is a bit of a blur for me as I try to digest what has happened. Amyn asks me to arrive early on Saturday as he wants me to place signs along the path to the spring. Signs honouring and blessing each of the religions of the world.

Kenya Great Rift Valley 2007 Day 3

After a late return to Nairobi followed by a delightful supper where I get to meet some new people, I have a fretful nights sleep only to be woken early the next morning as I am heading off the Lake Nakuru for the next 24 hours. This is one of the large soda lakes in the Rift Valley which is famous for the large populations of flamingo which live there for most of the year. Today is overcast, with some intermittent rain and when we get to see the Rift Valley, we can not see the other side because of the clouds and mist. It remains awesome though. A place worthy of adventure.

After a tortuous journey of many potholes and alternate roads created in the bush on either side of the road by desperate drivers trying to avoid the deep ruts and chassis breaking, tyre bursting holes in the tarmac, a drive where the air that you breathe is filled with fumes of diesel and dust and you have almost reached the point of despair, suddenly you arrive at an oasis of great beauty in the middle of the valley floor.

A place filled with vast forests, open grasslands, and high cliffs overlooking this most spectacular lake with its moving ribbon of pink flamingoes around the edge. To drive around this lake will take about 5 hours, and the perimeter has a band of flamingoes about 500M wide in one constant moving motion picture of majestic health and harmony. I ask to stop and we get out (naughty naughty) and I walk along the shore taking in the sights, sounds and smells of this miracle of nature. Only when I realize that I am walking in the tracks of a lion do I decide that perhaps I should go back to the vehicle.

The accommodation at lake Nakuru Lodge is superb. I feel that I am being treated like royalty. Warm towels at reception, a nice fresh fruit drink, a charming man who takes my bags and shows me to my room which is right next to the fence overlooking a waterhole where baboon and Thompson’s Gazelle are drinking. This is a place where it is easy to rest, but … the call of the wild is too great. After lunch we head out to explore and are delighted by many great game viewing experiences, starting with an African Hawk Eagle, and then seeing all the local game except Lion and Leopard, but including many rhino. In fact we get so close to the rhino that I have to take off my zoom lens in order to fit the rhino family of six into the frame of my wide angle lens. And, or course, the flamingoes. These graceful royal birds of the briny soda lakes are the very reason I have driven so far. Mesmerising.