Initiation – an excerpt from the book

‘In the material world there are four levels of manifestation which we call matter, vegetable life, animal life, and human life, depending on the outward appearance of the degree of consciousness attained. Each level of manifestation of life is characterized by its own degree of consciousness which is one octave removed from the next. Only man has the power to manifest several degrees of consciousness, all the way up to the divine level. If we keep in mind the intervals – octaves – by which we classify levels of evolution, we find that man, as a category, occupies four steps of the great ladder of evolution reaching from earth up to heaven; furthermore we see that each step corresponds to one octave on the scale of vibrations. Man knows about these four steps or degrees and has given them names: man characterized by his intellect; genius, characterized by intuition; prophet, characterized by his wisdom and universal love; and the last and highest degree, that of the God man, characterized by his omniscience and omnipotence.

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Having been an avid user and lover of technology and gadgets for most of my life, and, dare I admit this, not very tolerant of the technologically challenged in our society, I find myself in somewhat of a conundrum. It … Continue reading

Kundalini Energy

Is it just me, or is Everybody studying, teaching or practicing some form of Kundalini energy activation in some form or another. From Kundalini Meditation, to Kundalini Yoga to Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Now don’t get me wrong, I am all for getting the energy to move, and the spiritual growth that can result from that, it is just that I am intrigued by the seemingly sudden surge in interest.

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