Cook Islands 2009

Aitutaki – Cook Islands 2009, an opportunity to join International Group SHIFT to participate in a meditation for Global Climate Change and world peace in this stunning location. How could I resist.

The journey is a hard one.

Time and money are a problem, as well as the loads of flying, and then on top of that, most likely very difficult to connect to the internet unless at great cost. But I am not daunted.

I left Cape Town on Thursday 18th Sept, arriving in Auckland at midnight the next night. Wow, tired is no longer just a word. I met some nice people while flying though. Great conversations. Auckland was colder than Cape Town, but not bad. I was met at the airport by a cousin I had not seen in over 40 years. Was great to begin catching up.

Early morning Saturday we head off to the Otara market to see if we can find a Maori lady I met there in Feb 2006. Long shot I know, but I have “sent her the message to meet me there” during a meditation. We arrive, and find her within minutes, and she tells us she has not been to the market for months and did not want to go that day but felt herself compelled to go. Both of us are glad she got the message.

After that we head up to the Northlands where Gandharvo stays. What pretty country, and what nice people. I meet some of her friends and we have two great days of conversation and sightseeing. I hope it is not so long before I see Gandharvo again.

The trip back to Auckland is pretty, and the bus driver nice. Then a great nights sleep and I am back at the airport ready to fly to Rarotonga. I leave Auckland on Monday 21st and will arrive in Rarotonga on Sunday 20th. A bit of a mind shift needed. Funny since we are on the way to a SHIFT event to SHIFT our MINDS.

The flight is delayed, so I do the only logical thing. I eat sushi at 8AM at the airport while typing this Blog.

More to follow, watch this space.

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