Initiation – an excerpt from the book

Excerpt from “Initiation”

 ‘In the material world there are four levels of manifestation which we call matter, vegetable life, animal life, and human life, depending on the outward appearance of the degree of consciousness attained. Compared with the human being, we can hardly speak at all of the “consciousness” of matter, and yet a crystal may serve to show that matter too has a sort of consciousness. Each level of manifestation of life is characterized by its own degree of consciousness which is one octave removed from the next. Only man has the power to manifest several degrees of consciousness, all the way up to the divine level. If we keep in mind the intervals – octaves – by which we classify levels of evolution, we find that man, as a category, occupies four steps of the great ladder of evolution reaching from earth up to heaven; furthermore we see that each step corresponds to one octave on the scale of vibrations. Man knows about these four steps or degrees and has given them names: man characterized by his intellect; genius, characterized by intuition; prophet, characterized by his wisdom and universal love; and the last and highest degree, that of the God man, characterized by his omniscience and omnipotence.

 ‘Thus, in the material world, we find four manifestations which together reveal seven octaves of vibration.

 ‘Every creature emits the vibrations of which it is made, that is, those which it consciously supports. Matter, the very lowest degree of consciousness, manifests itself only through contraction, cooling off, and hardening.

 ‘The plant manifests itself on two levels; the material and the level of force – vegetative force – that gives life to it. The plant manifests material vibrations unconsciously; it carries its body like a dress, but its level of consciousness is the vegetative level of force giving life to matter. Force manifested on this level has three distinctive aspects by which it can be recognized wherever it appears: the search for food, the taking in of food, and the assimilation or digestion of food.

 ‘The animal manifests three forces, the material, the vegetative and animal. It has a body, it seeks out its food, eats and digests and is conscious on the animal level: it has emotions, instincts, urges, feelings, sympathy antipathy and desires. The animal is conscious in the third developmental stage, only one degree lower than man.

 ‘The average man stands one octave of vibrations higher: he is conscious on the mental level. He has intellect and the ability to think. But at the same time he manifests the three other levels. On the material, he has a body; on the vegetative, he seeks out his food, eats it and digests it; on the animal, he has emotions, drives, sympathy, antipathy and desires. But is most outstanding characteristic is his intellect. Man thinks consciously.

 With the next degree of development, man makes a great jump; he lifts his consciousness out of the world of effects into the plane of causes. He draws on the divine source of the causal plan and manifests this force that appears in his consciousness as intuition. With the help of his intellect and spiritual power, he is able to express his experiences on a higher plane in words and transmit them to his fellow men. He can also prove the existence of his intuition in other arts: without dimensions, in music, as a composer; in two dimensions with lines and colours, as a painter; in three dimensional forms as a sculptor or as a dancer. People call the creative person a genius. He manifests the five octaves of vibration of the material, vegetative animal, mental and causal forces.

 ‘The degree of consciousness of the next higher octave of vibrations, in the language of human beings, is called that of a prophet. The prophet manifests all the forces that work on the previously mentioned planes of consciousness, but he is also conscious on the next higher level too, the plane of divine wisdom and universal love. We must be careful never to confuse this universal love, which is manifested on the sixth plane and is a completely spiritual power, with the “love” of the third, animal plane which is the manifestation of animal instincts. This latter “love” is a vibration operating three levels lower at the source of which is the urge to propagate the species. Such “love” is desire for possession and always only seeks the body. It forces a person to come close to the loved one, and embrace, kiss, and hug him or her – in a word – to possess.

 ‘Whoever is subject to this kind of love is still living in his consciousness in the condition of dividedness and separation and seeks a complementary physical partner in order to find satisfaction. This love always seeks to take, to have something, to possess. Love in the sixth plane of manifestation, the love of the prophet, does not come from a condition of division, but from the primordial condition of divine unity! Hence, this love is universal, always giving, never taking, needs to supplement, no physical manifestation, but always radiates from the consciousness of divine all-unity. People who are conscious on this plane to not want to possess anybody; they feel themselves one with the infinite all.

 ‘The seventh and most perfect manifestation of God is the completely conscious man the God-man. All other forms of revelation manifest only transformed vibrations, only part of God. A God-man is a person who manifests God – his own divine self – completely and perfectly through a perfect consciousness; one who experiences and radiates the divine creative forces in their primordial untransformed vibrations and frequencies. He is supremely conscious; no part of him is unconscious.

‘Only man has the ability to master and to radiate all seven octaves of vibration, as the nervous centres corresponding to the seven octaves of transformed and untransformed creative power exist in his nervous system. On the other hand, he is only able to radiate vibrations on the levels on which he has become conscious, because until he becomes conscious on a given level, the corresponding nerve centres remain in a latent condition. Thus the average human being will radiate vibrations up to the fourth plane, the genius up to the fifth, the prophet up to the sixth, and only the God-man is able consciously to radiate all seven octaves and to radiate the divine creative power, according to his own will, in its untransformed form or to transform it, to change it, and transmit it in lower (transformed) frequencies.

Comments by John – it is reasonably easy to look back and see where you fit in on any of these levels of initiation, but really hard to see where you are at a given point in time. It is also easy to see the lessons after you have learned the lessons, but not while you are in the process of learning the lesson. Furthermore, the higher up the levels a person goes – the lessons seem to be more subtle and therefore more difficult to grasp until a moment of clarity hits you in the face. Sadly our lessons are often learned at the expense of another who is left confused at best, or deeply wounded by the events or the conversations that have taken place. When this happens, and we become aware of the effect our own lessons have on other people – we need to do our best to repair this damage in the best way we can and try to achieve healing of both the event(s) and the relationships that have been effected. again, sadly, this is not always possible if the other party is not willing to participate in this healing process. When this happens the best we can do is to do an inner process of seeking healing within ourselves and to ask for clearing of the effects of the events at soul level.

Lastly – for those who have begun to experience the open heart of Universal Love – the task is yours of finding new ways to relate to people that you interact with so that your thoughts, words and actions are not misunderstood. When I look at friends who are manifesting Universal Love and the confusion this reflects in the eyes of some of the people who interact with them – then I think that this must be one of the hardest levels to achieve clarity on. In the understanding from the extract above – one can not DO love at that level – one can only BE love. And when we can BE love – it allows others to see a state of BEING that they can aspire to.


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