Lion Dream

Lion Dream – January 2010
During a visit to the Pilansberg National Park, we stayed at the Bakgatla Resort just outside the North Gate.
The resort is outside the park – separated only by a fence.
While there I had this dream
I was walking a short way from the chalet – inside the resort, when I saw a male lion standing off to one side. I asked the Lion if he was a bit lost, and he replied that he was indeed a bit lost.
Now this was a bit strange – so I asked him how it was that he became lost. He told me he was following a rabbit – not that he wanted to eat the rabbit – he was just curious.
So I told him that if he waited for me to get my hat and sandals I would take him back to the park where he belonged. He was real happy with this so I went inside. When I returned a minute later, he was right there waiting at the door. We turned and started to walk away from the chalet towards the resort gate. While walking I know for sure that I must protect him from people who may be afraid and in their fear may want to hurt or kill him. As we walk, I am holding him around the neck, touching his mane, and we are having a really nice conversation.
As I thought, all along the way I have to tell the people not to worry and that there is no cause for fear, he is simply lost and we are walking back to the park. After exiting the resort gate we turn for the park entrance and walk towards the park gate. There then erupts a huge commotion as the lion is seen and the men come running out with guns. Again I have to tell them to put their guns away as there is nothing to fear. Reluctantly the people comply with this request and they stand behind the door or windows waiting to see how this will end.
Once we are through the gate the Lions says to me – hey, I know where I am now, thanks so much for helping me and trots off happily.

The dream was strange in as much as I remember so much of it, and in such great detail – but then I go on to dream this dream for three straight nights.

About a week after I dream this dream the first time – we happen to be visiting Baba Credo Mutwa and his wife Virginia, and I get an opportunity to ask Baba if I can tell him the dream. He listens carefully and then tells me that in the Zulu culture – it is said that if a person is able to touch the mane of a living creature such as a lion or leopard, then that person either already has, or soon will master some great thing or journey that they have been working on.

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