Having been an avid user and lover of technology and gadgets for most of my life, and, dare I admit this, not very tolerant of the technologically challenged in our society, I find myself in somewhat of a conundrum.

It seems that every new “thing” that comes out, instead of making our lives easier, makes it more difficult and seriously more complicated.

Now perhaps this is because I have always been able to rip the guts out of anything with mechanical or electronic innards with relative impunity and put it back together better, faster, more reliable etc.

Now, sadly, I seem to be stuck with “things” that challenge me and drive me towards dreaming of walking in the desert with no signals, power cords, wireless devices, 3G transmissions that can make me want to …..

Let me give you a for instance.

I have a laptop. It works. Works well actually. I buy a 500gig external notebook hard drive to use as a backup. Works lekker (“great” for the non South Africans). I make my backups. My world is rosy. Except. I put the external drive away, spend some days doing non work stuff, and then, suddenly. Microsoft Word, Outlook, and certain other pieces of software start to give me error messages. I do the normal thing. Microsoft sucks. Reinstall it. It does not help. I tear my hair out for a week.

After eventually getting down to reading the forums (the equivalent to reading the instruction manual – you know like the preacher says every Sunday – when in doubt read the instruction manual), and lo and behold, I find other poor lost puppies like me with the self same problem, but one of them and put 2 and 2 together and made 6. He plugged his external drive in and voila, everything worked again. Except?? it only works if the drive is installed.

So now I ask you. Does this sound like an efficient use of a weeks worth of my life, to sort out an idiotic problem caused by a failure to communicate between the makers of various bits of technology that is designed to make life easier, but actually seems to want to keep us enslaved to some guy at Dial a Nerd (yes people they DO exist ) who in turn will look upon us as a lesser mortal (did I do that to other people) while clicking his way to sucess in mere minutes.

I think it is time that I take these magical hands of mine and get them to do the other things that they so love to do, and do so well. To stroke, caress, and bring to life the object of their attention and in doing so to inspire passion and desire of the observer. Yes, it really is time. To once again take a raw lifeless object and make lovingly turn it into an object of beauty which can grace someones home. I saw many pieces of driftwood while walking the Otter Trail and must admit that I long for that intimate connection one can have with a piece of wood while creating magic . the smell, the feel, and the look of the wood as it is transformed is simply divine. I guess it is similar to an artist with a blank canvas, or a composer with a blank music sheet.

Oh well, to sleep, perchance to dream, and then a trip to find some wood.

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